One of Australia’s leading automotive & industrial plastic component manufacturers for the past 68 years with a reputation for design, quality and innovation now introduces its latest innovation “ WATERDALE

WATERDALE is an emerging consumer brand of innovation and intelligent designed products.  The development is strongly influenced by functional, durable and inspired styling that stands apart others in the market.

Developing true innovation and bold new products is a challenge in today’s business environment anywhere, but once again, the Australian ability to adapt and go the next step has prevailed with the advent of WATERDALE.

With every product on the WATERDALE drawing board, the one constant prevails as a non-negotiable … it’s about the products being fun, vibrant in colour and functional to meet our customer’s needs.

It’s not about us but our customers who experience WATERDALE innovation.

WATERDALE products, Australian Designed, 100% Australian owned,

We welcome you to the WATERDALE WEB gateway and see why we think that the little things are a big deal.

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